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Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory

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Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory


Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory 27(1) (2007) 179-191
DOI: 10.7151/dmgt.1354


Daniel Paulusma

Department of Computer Science, Durham University
Science Laboratories, South Road, Durham DH1 3LE, England

Kiyoshi Yoshimoto

Department of Mathematics
College of Science and Technology
Nihon University, Tokyo 101-8308, Japan


Let G be a triangle-free graph with δ(G) ≥ 2 and σ4(G) ≥ |V(G)|+2. Let S ⊂ V(G) consist of less than σ4/4+ 1 vertices. We prove the following. If all vertices of S have degree at least three, then there exists a cycle C containing S. Both the upper bound on |S| and the lower bound on σ4 are best possible.

Keywords: cycle, path, triangle-free graph.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 05C38, 05C45.


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Received 8 March 2006
Revised 31 October 2006