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Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory

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Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory


Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory 25(3) (2005) 225-239
DOI: 10.7151/dmgt.1287


Arthur H. Busch and Michael S. Jacobson

Department of Mathematics
University of Colorado at Denver
Denver, CO 80217, USA

K. Brooks Reid

Department of Mathematics
California State University San Marcos
San Marcos, CA 92096, USA


A digraph D = (V,A) is arc-traceable if for each arc xy in A, xy lies on a directed path containing all the vertices of V, i.e., hamiltonian path. We prove a conjecture of Quintas [7]: if D is arc-traceable, then the condensation of D is a directed path. We show that the converse of this conjecture is false by providing an example of an upset tournament which is not arc-traceable. We then give a characterization for upset tournaments in terms of their score sequences, characterize which arcs of an upset tournament lie on a hamiltonian path, and deduce a characterization of arc-traceable upset tournaments.

Keywords: tournament, upset tournament, traceable.

2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 05C20, 05C45.


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Received 24 March 2004
Revised 13 January 2005